I never received my payment after I withdrew money from my account

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I recently made a sale for $200. I withdrew the money after the several fees and I never received the money. That was approximately 4 days ago. I really need help with this situation and my money.


If you withdrew the money to PayPal you should have an email waiting for you with the estimated time for the deposit. I believe it would be 4-5 business days.

Since you were selling an account your payout will be held untill our team can check it properly.

As a warning, do not sell such items (accounts) ever again, or I’ll have to suspend your account.
Selling accounts are forbidden.

Thank you.

Ok thanks for such a timely response. I was not aware that I was not able to seek accounts. Will/when will I receive my payment?

Unfortunately, after evaluation your payout as cancelled, you may spend the money within Gameflip though.