I`ve got scammed...

What can i do I`ve got scammed, i wrote to support and they did not respond so as the seller…

Order ID : 801e13c6-a7df-43ce-9363-ade7c18acf03

I am desperate…

How were you scammed?

Delivery methodKey / Code transfer
Seller sends in1 day(s)
I bought yesterday and still no code plus support so as seller is not responding.

It’s not a scam (yet). You just need to wait for delivery, and if the seller doesn’t deliver after (1 day + 1 grace period day), you will have the option to cancel. As long as you don’t accept (rate seller), you’re fine.

Also, read this help article: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205357528-Can-I-cancel-my-order-

so what do u suggest ?
to wait 1 more day and after that i`ll be able to cancel or what ?

Yep! In one more day, and if the seller does not send you a working code (must verify first), then you can cancel. The seller has a countdown clock too.

From your screenshot, the seller is brand new, so he either does not know how it works or just created a spam listing.

I normally buy from sellers who have at least a couple feedback score or use “auto-delivery” to avoid this hassle.

Im newbie here I made mistake :frowning:
Ok so all I have to do is 2 wait 1 more day ?

Yep, no need to panic :slight_smile: I have bought and sold here quite a few times (my feedback score is nearly 400), so most sellers and buyers are good/fast, but occasionally you get a bad one.

After a while you’ll quickly recognize which ones are good.

kk, I`ll let u know 2morrow what happens…

Hello, if nothing happens untill tomorrow, Please send me a PM, so i’ll be able to provide you further help.


i will, tnx in advance

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