I want my account back

I already have one topic opened but I’m ignored by admins so here is another. I want my account back since I did nothing wrong.


Admins Might be busy At moment, But if you really Didn’t do anything before GameFlip will Forgive you if not, So I can’t help it really.

The first time I got suspension I was selling some restaurant gift cards and after that, I stopped because I didn’t know they are forbidden and I read what is allowed and what it is not. Now I got a permaban for selling theater gift cards which can be used online and when I was reading rules there wasnt allowed list of gift cards. That has been updated recently and I really didn’t know that or I could. But that its just stupid reason to ban people. You should ban those who scam or put for sale used gift cards. All ny stuff was legit and I consider that I didnt deserve ban.

I agree, but you should give them A message about this and tell them Every word and that might help!

Already did that twice and still waiting respond

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Good luck with that bro!

Still waiting…

Hope they respond to you soon bro :confused:


I sent ticket and ALL I got is copy pasted answears. I want to talk with real person and I want my account back right now beacuse I want warned the right way and nothing was explained. I will literally kill myself if I dont get my account back in a week and a phone nubmer to call about this.

Ticket system is usless

Calm down Karlo, They will respond to you soon just be patient all will be alright.

@DarkKnight @MajorTom someone needs help here!

How support can be so bad, I cant believe…

They just got a lot of tickets Maybe they are busy now.

Hey Karlo_Lugomer!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please provide me your invite code or ticket number?

I will be happy to take a look for you :wink:

God speed! :trident:

Here is my code: R34SU8

You already told me once that you cant do nothing about my ban but I know you can. I wasnt warned in the right way. I would like my ban removed beacuse I dont fell that I make something that can be bad for someone else.

I still wait for respond and unban.

Wow, it’s been a while mate, they didn’t respond to you?

you see here they didnt respond anything

Maybe they are busy at moment bro

This is straight ignore. I cant believe how bad support service you provide and missleading rules.