I was Scammed trying to sell

My first time using this app trying to sell a titanium white octane on xbox. I had no clue how anything worked so i saw a comment in the comments saying that my item had sold so i traded the item to a listed gamertag in said comment. It looked like a confirmation saying the item was bought so i went ahead and traded. A few moments later the item actual did sell and so then i knew i was scammed. I took screenshots of the comments on my post as well as the in game chat with who i traded with. The actual buyer was understanding, but of course when contacting the scammer i recieved no reply. Is there anything that can be done?

Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can be done to recover the item. You can report the scammer and they will ban the account.

Would it help new users like you if the warning message about comment scammers were more visible?

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