Possibly Scammed? (help)

Hello, i just tried to sell my item and someone by the name “justfont08” tried to scam me i think…i have sent him the right item (titanium white octane on rocket league xbox) and after 3 mins of waiting for him to rate me he made a dispute and left my game without talking to me about the dispute. i pretty much said the same thing in the dispute and added the screenshots from the trade of him taking the item (the vid is also on my xbox acc “ETH8” if needed. i was just wondering if people usually try doing this when trying to scam. I hope i get the money soon, or even at least the octane.

hey man its Pj.If you took a clip on xbox of the trade going through and he in fact bought(and not commented on your listing) your item and you sent it you sould be fine.You will get the money while he/she gets a ban.

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alright yeah i took screenshots and a clip of the trade, i sent 4 screenshots of the trade going through. The only thing he commented was his gt and that is it. Do u know how long this usually takes bc its been a little over 3 hours now. and ty for replying dude, haven’t talked to you in ages.

it’ll take a few days until the dispute timer runs out. But based on my past experience, i would pm the forum mods transaction id and they would normally settle it asap.

I’m new to this forum stuff, how would I do this, if u mind.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight there you go bud

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Hello ETH8,

Can you tell me the ticket number or the transaction ID?

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This is the order id- 56011575-de6d-418e-9efa-8079de750d2b

everything is good now, ty everyone for the help <3


Hello ETH8!

I’m glad that your issue was solved :wink:

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

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