A legit scammer.

I have had many smooth transactions and enough experience on Gameflip to realize what’s going on. I purchased a crimson octane (Xbox One). We talked about how I had work and wouldn’t be available until my shift ended. Right before my shift ended he stated that he didn’t have a crimson octane and that it was orange. I politely said it’s okay and that I don’t understand why he shipped the item if it was not the item I purchased. He would not respond. I messaged him on Xbox. He blocked me. I waited another 8 hours for a response on gameflip. He ignored me. I have proof of screen shots and the order number. I would also like to be able to review him after this is resolved. Gameflip please help. I don’t want someone stealing my 15$. Especially when there is a promo going on. Also try and message the seller and see why he did this and will not respond to me. He is ignoring me completely

In this case, you’ll need to open a ticket, so if any complaints appear we can check it on your ticket.
Please let me know the ticket number after you open one (of if you opened one already)

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Don’t let him get away with your money brother. even if its 75 cents

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While monetary gains might be a motivational factor for all , It’s about trust.
The mods see both sides of the situation and give ample time to reply / justify / defend themselves from a charge.

Lastly, you wording of your last sentence could have been shuffled a lot better.
I believe @Tali would have one more correction to make , so i leave it up to her to do so.

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