Scammer Alert! Need help

Seller known by the name of (Alex Grino) will not confirm the order. I marked as delivered and he will not respond back as received and rate me. I asked him very nicely to finalize his purchase. He then blocked me on Xbox. I’m asking for help. I have sold a numerous amount of items and have seen people have issues with people trying to get away with stuff like this. Never has it happened to me until now. He is a new user and is trying to beat the system. He deserves a ban.

Order number: 808a06b9-9879-4aef-8d6f-2a5883024b8f

His Xbox Gamertag is AsianNamedJuan. I have proof to show it from our previous messages through the purchase chat.

I hate nothing more than a thief. I know this will get taken care of. I can’t pick and choose who purchased my items but there has to be a better system. This guy deserves a ban are some intense disciplinary action involved

Did the buyer open a dispute? If not then the order will auto-complete in 3 days.

No he didn’t. Instead he blocked all communication with me. He also will not respond to me. Also I will get a bad rating because of his lack to finalize the purchase

I’m just preparing myself for the worse. He did not open a dispute your right. I just wanted to be ahead of the game. Very fishy. Considering my experience with selling items, I have never had a delay like this. Especially after just having 100% quick responses to receive an item. Yet he can’t respond to finish the purchase of him recieving it. He’s trying to beat the system but doesn’t quite know how it seems.


I had same experience with some buyers. Just block him, that’s all. Wait 3 days for transaction to be completed and rate him.

If he rates you negatively, do the same to him.
Also any bad rating can be removed by moderators.


I want to truly apologize. I would like to say the guy ended up apologizing to me. I don’t know if it was an attempt to steal are what. I scared him by telling him I reported him. 6 hours later he rated me and told me he forgot. If a moderator would read this I would truly appreciate it if you would remove my bad rating from his page. Complete miss understanding and I feel terrible. Please remove my comment and rating from the kids page. I told him I would get it removed. I was just protecting myself. It just didn’t make sense why he blocked me on Xbox right after the transaction. Long story short, I think I scared him enough to where he backed out of doing whatever it was he was going to do. Please remove my rating for I jumped the gun on the kid. Thanks! Dunn I know you’ll fix it! Thanks Gameflip!

It was obviously an amateur attempt of scam :rofl: Guess neutral rate should be perfect.

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I checked and I was able to remove the rating you gave him.

Thank you.

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Dunn your awesome man. Next time I’ll be more patient instead of jumping ahead like that. Truly sorry! Thanks again man!

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