Possible Scam??? Need Help!!

Hello, I recently sold an item and I saw the item was sold so I went ahead and gave the guy his item. After that I saw a note that said the purchase was under review and to not give him the item for safety purposes. I messaged the guy and Xbox and asked if he could give it back until it was confirmed and he went ahead and went offline on Xbox and will not respond and that was first time selling something on game flip I know there is nothing that can really happen because he already has the heatwave. It was a rocket league item for $38.00. The purchase is still under review but it is talking a long time. I am scared he didn’t pay in full or something and I don’t know what to do. He went by “RL Seller”. HELP PLEASEE!!!

Hey, can you please send me your invite code via PM and the listing of the item so I can check it for you?