Trading multiple items to one trader

I think I may have been scammed I sold items and got the notifications come through saying brought the item then traded them and nothing else has happened ??? Help please

To be clear, this was a manual trade, not a bot trade, right? I do manual trades with Rocket League.

After you trade the items, you have to mark each separate ad as shipped. There’s a checkbox, and then a button to press. After that, it will show as “Wait for delivery” in your ‘sold listings’.

That’s a confusing message…it should really say, “waiting for buyer to rate”.

The buyer has up to 3 days to rate. Once they rate, then you rate them and then you get paid a few minutes after that. The money won’t show up in your wallet instantly.

Make sure you upload any pics before you rate the buyer. Once you rate the buyer, you can’t upload pics anymore.

Hope that helps. Btw, many buyers will forget to rate, so in Steam chat at the end of the trade, I usually say, “Please rate when you have time”. I never ask them again after that as I don’t want to bug them and get a bad rating from them.

Hello , thanks so much for your advice ,
The guy scammed me because it says sold at the bottom and not on the item

I have photo proof of this and the items etc what would I do next to take
action or deal with this ?

Well, I’m not entirely sure of the details here.

What game was this? Was this in-game items? Was it Steam?

I’ll use Rocket League and Steam as an example, but it may be different for other games.

Once an item is sold, they have to put their Steam profile link or Steam ID into the After sale message section…not the presale messages. This is because only the buyer has access to the after sale messages.

If they only post their Steam ID and not the link, then you have to be careful you get the right person, and it’s critical in that case to have them post the order ID into the Steam chat window and take a picture of the Steam chat when the trade is done. ( I don’t usually upload the steam chat, but I keep it for records)

Then you take pictures of the trade at different stages showing that the right item was traded and they accepted it.

If you trade with the person linked in the Steam URL, and also ask for the Order ID in Steam chat, and take pictures and upload them, then GF is supposed to cover your loss if it’s a scam.

But if you miss any of those steps, then they may choose not to. You can file a support ticket through the help system and see what they say. Sometimes they don’t get to the forum posts for awhile.

Btw, for cheapy items I don’t usually ask for the order ID in chat, and I don’t always upload pics either as long as the buyer has rated me. Once the buyer rates, they are stating the the trade went fine, but I still upload pics for most things anyway, especially pricier stuff. It’s up to you how much risk you want to take vs. the hassle.

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I think he meant the guy pretended to be Gameflip and wrote a comment on his listing saying it’s sold, but he never really log back on to Gameflip see if it’s actually sold and what the next step should be.

It was on rocket league and it came up saying he brought the item and I did
what I did before waiting for a response etc and invited him , then waited
for confirmation from the app and proceeded , then I realised he had
changed his name on there he has multiple accounts and is now selling my
items on each account he has , I trade fair I follow the rules because I
enjoy gaming with people and enjoy trading fairly like many others . People
like this get away with scamming to much but unlucky for him I got his psn
and his details from a source of mine so he will be having some comeuppance
his way shortly it should hopefully teach him a lesson

It seems you were indeed scammed by an user that impersonates sellers and Gameflip itself.

You said you have some pictures regarding this situation. Do you mind uploading them here so we all can check that for you?