I got scammed bad.. 50$ Item in Rocket League

SO… today was my 1st day on the website. I put up Crimson Equalizer Certified Turtle for 55.55$. I go back to playing and someone messages me and says they bought the item. So I come here and check notifications and theres a comment saying this.

Purchase Information
Your item has been purchased by “Lieber Hund” you have 1 day(s) to deliver the item(s)! You have to add the person (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198370261329) and after “Lieber Hund” receives the Item(s) you’ll receive the money.

So I did it, I recorded the whole thing as well on video. and of course Im new and didnt know about the scam or how payments even work. So now Im out a very high priced item I invested a lot of money in because of this. Now I believe hes using another account called “RL SHOP” to sell the item here for 45$.

I doubt anything can be done but I have a video of the entire trade if anyone could help that would be great. Thanks.


For this to happen, you might not have followed the proper procedure for selling Rocket League items. This can include giving the buyer your contact information publicly before the item was purchased, the fake buyer giving you his contact information before buying the item, or not waiting 10+ minutes after the item was purchased to send the item. Unfortunately, since this transaction did not take place within Gameflip, we are unable to assist you further.

Please review the instructions on selling Rocket League items to make sure you are selling correctly and to protect yourself in the future:

Please note: as it is clearly stated in the comment sections of every listing, comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done.