I'm suspended, but they don't reply me the reason

They said:

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):
Creating multiple accounts and/or conducting in fake sales

But I’m sure there is a mis understand or something. I have only one account.
I also asked a solution how I can prove this it and how to activate my account again

But no reply at all!

I can see they ignoring me because they replied my ticket after 20 minutes!
But when I asked for a solution, no reply after that!

Is it possible they gave my account back?
Or may I start new account again?
How long I should wait…

Second day and nobody replied yet!
The funny thing is I tried to open another request, but they close that and didn’t check my first request yet!!
It seems they have priority, they came for checking new opened requests very quick , but they didn’t bother to check the old request.

Please send me a PM with your invite code so I can check it for you.