Im tired of flp its so useless

I currently have 30$ in flp from previous sales but i can’t find anything worth buying listed in usd,flp or even flp there is only cheap listings listed for very expensive price i hate that please list some nice usd, flp listings i want to spend my flp

i see plenty of FLP listings… what gift card do you want to buy? ill find something for you

I don’t want giftcards because i don’t use them and don’t sell them but i even checked them and i only found these kind of listings (20$ giftcard listed for 25$)

so what is it you are looking to buy then?

and $20 listed for $25?

heres sevral examples

PSN $20 for $18.49

Itunes $15 for $13.70

Nintendo $35 for $31.50

PSN $50 for $44.99

Google $50 for $45

Itunes $50 for $45.50

Look first thx for trying to help but i currently can’t buy anything above 35$ in usd, flp and i cant buy giftcards bcs i don’t sell/use them i sell ingame items and here is a sneak peek of the usd, flp section
And here is one from the gift cards section but under 40$ gameflip
Where are the good deals people??

just to make sure, you are searching with these options, correct?

Yes i know usd, flp noting luckily one buyer accepted to take flp when i contacted him