Intro: I'm Omnipro

Just introducing myself.
Hi I’m Omnipro my username is from my old Xbox Live Gamertag on XB360.
I on PSN now as Omni937 on my shiny new PS4.
I’m a a former hardcore console gamer more casual now that I am older I have less time and play more mobile games, and bing TV shows more than play games on my PC or console. For shame I know.
I got a load of PS3 and some 360 games I’m going to unload soon on GameFlip to get some cash.
I saw people can sell hardware and wondering if people can sell their last gen graphics cards after they upgrade.
I’m rambling on. Nice to meet you all.


Nice to meet you @Omnipro and welcome to the community! Please feel free to reach out if there’s any questions you may have.

Hey dude, welcome to Gameflip!