Is a 1099 form auto generated from Gameflip?

Looking to expand to the online world of selling digital currency and just wondering if there is a 1099 that is auto generated after a certain amount or sales like ebay does. Thank you

Yes, I’m pretty sure Gameflip does generate a 1099. Go to Wallet > Activity.
Any month you have started selling/buying will be recorded from there on wards.

They do not provide any tax forms and they only keep easily viewable Wallet records going back 7 months. If you plan to file I’d keep track of things on your own. I reached out in 2018 and received the reply:

“Sorry, but that option is not available. What we could suggest is that you use your PayPal payout history (you can extract it from PayPal itself), but please seek professional advice, since we are not capable of providing it.”

how can they do 1099 if they not request your ssn ? i think activity just help you keep track your sale , that all