Is far cry primal worth it?

No multiplayer. a lot reused from FC4. sweet concept though.

Did you like Far Cry 4 and 3? I think Im interested. I did try the co-op in Far Cry 4 but I really liked Far Cry 3

yeah i loved 4, and i was really excited to play in the primal ancient settings with my friends, escpecially with the cool pets, but sucks that i cant. Also realized that its not technically far cry 5, its sort of a sub game like Battlfield Hardline, so not as much energy might have been put into it. IDK though.

Last day to pre-order so I may wait a few months till the price comes down

Pretty sure nobody has played it so that can only be decided yourself. Also most games these days aren’t worth their release price. That’s why Gameflip exists… :grin: