Is there a way for me to sell items that are worth 2k+?


I have Gold Rush on Steam and i wanted to sell it but it seems like the max i can sell an item for is 2.000. Is there a way for me to sell it for more than that? Lets suppose i want to sell it for 4.500$ so is it cool if i list it 3 times? 2 for 2000$ and 1 fore 500$? This last part i would need to be sure if its allowed cause i really dont want to be scammed for this one lol xD

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Migatte,

I think that the price limit is $2.500.00 and strict.

It should be only listed once since you only own one of the item.

Moderators will reply with the correct info, this is my opinion.

Thanks for the reply!

Gonna wait and see if its possible to do something about it cause the item its worth 4500$ and i didnt want to trade it for credits on rocket league since its too many credits to trade at once

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