Issues/Problems that Normal Users Can't Help/Solve.

Contact Support Below.

Some issues/problems that normal users cannot help/solve.
Example - gameflip is not verifying my identity

  1. Support usually replies faster than if you tag a Mod here.
  2. Mods usually would still ask you to create a request to Support anyway if the issue requires much more attention than removing a bad rating etc.
  3. If you created a request but no reply for a day+ (Do not count weekends/Holidays), then you could create a topic here. Include Request ID + Invite Code. (Just a Link to show how to find our Invite Code)
  4. Do note they are also Humans. They also rest and take time off. There might not be Mods online for a few days - a week to check all the questions here etc so no need to flame because there was no reply if you did not contact Support before making a Topic here. Support will 100% reply as stated in point 5.
  5. Just Contact Support first. They will 100% reply, just what time and how long. Will not be extremely long too. (Do not count weekends/Holidays)
  6. As shown in Example in link above, it is not possible for anyone to help because Support would probably require all the screenshots he had sent and some information about himself to find out why his request got rejected. We couldn’t possibly tell him to show it to us because that is his PRIVATE information.
  7. I usually just reply with the Support Link for them to send a request to Support if the problem really can’t be solved by normal users. I can only advise contacting Support if you want an answer fast and if that question is beyond what we can answer. If it is normal questions, I would still advise contacting Support but I would probably add some words/my own opinion to try help as well. If it can be solved without contacing Support, why not? No need to message Rude/Vulgars words/sentences to me about that. I’m just trying to help and it is a fact that some things only Support can help you.

Support is there for a Reason. Point 4 is what I meant the most. If you can wait however long for a Mod to reply (also depends if a reply will be made), then that’s okay I guess.

Thank You Very Much for taking Time to Read this!

Best Regards to whoever read,

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