Items not showing up when using filters.

So, I don’t see some items when I switch between the default filter and editted filter.

For example: A Glock-18 Moonrise is not shown when I search Type>Pistol and type in Glock-18, only a limited amount of Glocks are shown.

However, when I search with the default filter, the glock-18 moonrise and some other glocks that I now want to buy are shown.

I tried Glock-18 Moonrise and they’re popping up but I only seen 1 but I tried Glock-18 | Moonrise and it seen like the only ones popping up are one that are sold.

It seems like you need to add a | after the 18.

No that’s not what I meant, I can’t show a picture of what I mean because I’m on mobile and it just shows a bunch of text when I try lol

You can upload it through a web

So this is what I mean:
With the filter and the tags -

Without the filter and tags -

I know it’s not a big issue but sellers will miss out on buyers because their items are hidden when they use the filters.

Thanks for the help!

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