Jumbled listings

I use the Gameflip API, which posts them all in order (5, 10, 15…). I have just now looked at my profile, and now all the listings are randomized.

I took a look at other sellers, to see if it happened to them, and it seems that Gameflip has made the listings randomized. It’s not a major problem, more just awkward. Though it is not a plus either. Please, only change things that make it better. (While your changing everything, have a look at that feedback system and change it back!).

Can I use the API for borderlands in game items? It’s not showing the ability to just wondering if it was possible

same me :frowning:

I’m pretty sure, if Gameflip do not have preset items for Borderlands such as Rocket League, you will have to make them custom, which is easily do-able for API, when you know how. I only use API for Rocket League items which is all I sell.