Lack of Specification

Recently received a warning that isn’t specific to what’s happened. Apparently by reading over the terms of service is enough to understand why what has occurred had occurred with the account. Opening a ticket on Gameflip’s Zendesk doesn’t result in any clarification due to no response. What do?

Inv Code: ABEQUK

You are selling gift cards athat aren’t allowed to be sold in the marketplace as the warning message said:
“Your gift card listing has been removed. This type of gift card is prohibited on Gameflip.”

If you have a gift card and want to know if you can sell that, let me know more about it so I can help you further.

Thank you.

Which is understood to some degree, but doesn’t give any clarification as to why those types of gift cards prohibited.

Are you defining type as egift card?

Do you have a list of those? Like merchant credit or something else?

Products that require code activation in-person so no restaurants, retail stores, theaters, and shows. A link on that page also specificies, “If the gift card cannot be redeemed to an online/app wallet, it’s forbidden to sell on Gameflip and should not be listed”. Basically what you can list are things like Xbox, iTunes, or Amazon that can be redeemed once to an account as opposed to codes/cards that maintain a balance that is deducted over time.

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Being you’re selling a gift card.

There are a few other requirements on selling gift cards that you must follow:

Cards must not expire or incur fees

If applicable, always include the gift card restrictions (e.g. card can only be redeemed in the US)

For digital cards, we only support selling Gift Cards that can be redeemed directly with the merchant/retailer online. Codes that require physical card are NOT allowed in the digital section.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts when selling non-gaming gift cards on Gameflip:


List only gift cards that can be redeemed online or in an app

Always list your gift card under the proper GIFT CARD category

Always include information on how to redeem the listed gift card (e.g. URL or app for redemption)

Always include the gift card restrictions (e.g. region)


List a gift card that requires in-person activation. If the gift card cannot be redeemed to an online/app wallet, it’s forbidden to sell on Gameflip and should not be listed

The failure to comply with the items above can subject your account to a warning or suspension.

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