Let Me Change My Phone Number

I sent a ticket days ago and it has been no help.
I am getting really impatient.

I got a new phone number and I want to change it.
This is ridiculous.
I shouldn’t have to resort to a forum post to get someone to pay attention to something so basic.

I sent a ticket days ago and it has been no help.

Did you get no reply or the reply wasn’t helpful?

Post your ticket number here so a moderator can refer to it, or you can post your invite code so they can look up your account. Alternatively you can private message the moderator.

The replies I’ve gotten have been completely unhelpful.
Instead of just letting me change the phone number, I had to confirm that I still needed to change my phone number, and to provide my e-mail and previous phone number so they can “look up the systems and provide more info”
I hope this is automated, because if a human actively typed this to me, they need more training.

The ticket is 331001 and my invite code is 8ZWD8K

Please, for the love of god, let me change the phone number on my account.
I don’t want to be locked out if I stay off too long.

If you haven’t done already, I suggest that when you create a ticket, provide them necessary information to demonstrate that you’re the actual owner of the account to speed it up. There’re many frauds, so it may take longer for them if they aren’t certain that you own the account.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Create a ticket when logging into the app or gameflip.com so that they know it comes from you. Don’t write an email to support as any random person can do that.
  • In your ticket provide information that only you and support can verify such as your PayPal or credit card (last 4 digits), your current phone number, email address, etc.

The more information the better as it demonstrates real ownership of the account and that you authorize for such change.

Isn’t this what you suggest to someone after their problem is fixed and what to recommend to do next time?
Because this does not come across as helpful to me. I see this as rude.

I am not happy with how much I have to go through to change one thing on my account.
When literally every other site I use lets the user change it themselves without an issue.

They don’t have a phone changing option. Right, it may not be useful to you since you’ve already created a ticket.

So that’s what I suggest to those who are looking for help next time!

I’m sorry about that dude.

I just don’t get the logic of this in particular.
Having to send a ticket to change a phone number on a marketplace site when it’s simple to change it on my Paypal or my bank account.

My guess is there’re a lot of scamming people switching phones and such, but I agree, an easy phone changing option should be available.

Oh, great, I’m locked out of my account because they didn’t respond to my ticket in a timely manner.

As I checked, this is solved already. If you still need help, please PM me.