Listing of regular game removed by Gameflip

Today I got this mail from Gameflip:

“According to the game publisher, we cannot allow for keys of this game to be sold on Gameflip.
Therefore we removed your listings of Savage Lands.
Please do not re-list these.”

This game is not beta, it’s early access, so I want to know what’s the deal with this game and why exactly it’s not allowed here? I like to bring some exclusive titles to my offers, but this is recently bundled game. Sure, I will not re-list it, but I wonder what if every publisher ask for their games not to be listed on Gameflip? Is something like that possible?


The devs want to keep control of where their games are sold. By having them sold second hand here the devs dont get anything, so it’s their right to deny Gameflip from having it sold here. Most devs dont care, but the ones that do could get Gameflip in trouble for having it sold here after asking for it to stop.

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I will do as said, just remove them and that’s it, don’t comply… Rules are rules.

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Publisher, not devs. And they didn’t get anything for this key this way, too, cuz I just gave it away. I paid for it once, so they got their money, it was a part of the bundle. I just don’t want to play it.

My point is that their practice is somewhat pointless when someone is selling key or two, it’s totally different if it is larger quantity… but that’s their business.

Listing is removed automatically by Gameflip, of course I wont re-list it, just wanted to talk about “what ifs”.

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Hey @Pedja_Erakovic, what @Ruhenot says is true, even more when the devs works together with the publisher or the devs are the publishers. I know that exclusive deals are great, but sometimes due to certain limitations we can’t follow up with them.

Wait for the game to get fully release and list the game again.

Thank you.


this might not matter anymore since its been so long ago but i’m still gonna direct what you said is incorrect? Any keys to any game no matter who’s hands they’re in, how the keys got there weren’t free as the dev has no power over them as they got they’re piece of the pie when that person that has them in hand paid from where ever bought meaning those keys didnt come to his hands by forging or inventing them? Keys are on record and are distributed by distributors and once distributed means on record it’s sold so the dev and distributor are paid and no longer have control over what the owner bought them for. Devs only have say so on first hand since they front stacks of packs of copies which they expect the amount as signed for. Which the dev will get money for every record sale and if it don’t sale the distributor owes nothing just returns what don’t sell. Which like i said once sold gose off record scratch out marked sold and can’t be sold again by same distributor if u know the way inventory and stocks work and how everything is tracked that makes it all work. So what you stated makes no sense as keys gone off record means paid for in full and have no control over second hand sales as they can’t sale there item twice in stores it dont happen or someone will be fired. So they have no control what get sold anywhere people do second hands sales unless they handed out keys to testers which are not for sales now that is understandable. Ya but the game Savage Lands was a free to play so i don’t see how was he trying to sale that which i know as i was a tester and player till the game quickly lost all players and always was free and as a tester send me many free keys to share with friends and later more set of keys for more friends all free.


I agree with you on everything but one thing - Savage Lands is not a free game and wasn’t free at the time I obtained key for it.

So far there are two games that devs are not allowing them for sale on marketplaces (and asked Gameflip mods to remove them and issue warning to me):

Savage Lands and Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit.

What would happen if every developer and every publisher start doing this for every game there is?