Account Susspened for trying to sell "PUBG Savage Map Test Key" while other users were allowed to sell theirs!

Hello there,
Yesterday I claimed my own “PUBG Savage Map Key” which i had no use for so i decided to list it up for sale after i had seen someone selling his.
For some reason the listing went into drafts twice so i assumed that it was a bug within GameFlip IOS app. which what i always use.Anyways i re-listed it again. This caused an account suspension for selling a “Beta Key”.

I sent a detailed ticked immediately after the suspension (#234494-#234156) then noticed few hours later that i had received an email warning me about “re-listing” that item apparently that’s why it went to draft twice
At this point I might be considered guilty since i did receive a warning prior to suspension.However, I’ve never received a warning before. I thought that i’d be notified about anything regarding my account/actions through the “in app notification” just like all those buy,sell,message requests. I mean if i had been warned through the app, I wouldn’t have tried to re-list the item.

Now, I could be considered as a careless user for not checking my email regularly but here’s the other thing which frustrates me . There were around 5 of the same exact same listing yesterday under “Steam” category and they’re currently marked as “Sold”! so why would Gameflip allow others to sell the exact same code but give me a suspension?,

Surprisingly, that’s not the only issue. Gameflip bot currently have my “Early Bird Keys”. They’re marked as “Draft” and i can’t even retrieve them.
Invite code: Y576GE.

Hey, selling alpha or beta keys is prohibited on gameflip, if you see someone to sell them, report it.

To be honest i never knew about that rule but i understand and respect it.
Before selling anything i make sure that it has been previously listed by someone else to avoid any trouble and that’s why i didn’t realize that listing “Savage map” would be against the rules…
What bothers me that the warning prior to suspension was sent to the Email. I would’ve avoided all this if it was also sent through the notifications just like everything else.
Also being locked away from retrieving my own items is really disappointing.

Can you send me your invite code or the phone number that you used to register your Gameflip account via PM so I can check this for ya?


I sent you both
Thank you