Locked for system

I need help I made the mistake of leaving my offers on. Now they were canceled and the system blocked my account, I was enjoying the holidays, I hope you can help me



Have you already made a ticket to Support?

If not, I suggest that you can do that and put your ticket ID below as well.
Best to do so as well since it takes time for replies.

Yes and they answered me yesterday but they did not tell me what date they will enable it, they have not told me how long the investigation lasts

Hello Please can i be able to post stuff here? cuz im not able for no reason , thanks.

Hello @Josemache,

Regarding the lock, I would suggest that you contact them back through the same ticket they were helping you with to see what day that they will release your account ok.

Hey @Wolfy_Zero,

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, but the Support Team is having a higher flow of tickets and we are working very hard to solve everyone’s issue asap ok.

Also, I have answered your PM and requested someone from the Support Team to take a look at your issue.

Happy holidays everyone!

God Speed! :trident:


Hello, if you meant creating a topic.

After getting the basic badge, you can make new topics.

If you meant replying to a topic, new users will have their replies checked first before it is released. So when you create a reply, it might not be shown asap.


I already wrote but they did not respond more. I’ve been in this for more than a week. I do not understand why they do not provide help

thanks , happy new year!!

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Hello @Josemache,

I have contacted the responsible team to get an answer for you asap ok.

As soon as I have a response I will inform you here.

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @Josemache,

I have verified with the Support Team for you and the team has answered your ticket ok.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: