Lost access to phone number

I had signed up to your site months ago
Today when i tried to login it is asking to enter code sent to my mobile number whereas I have lost my phone along with my sim card and I am not able to login
How do i login ? Because i want to withdraw money from my account and start selling after that if possible.

I tried submitting contact form but it is askign me for invite code which I cannot get until I login to account

Thanks !

my registered email id is bitula037@gmail.com

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Hey, if you haven’t done so already, please, contact us at support@gameflip.com,


good question

Paki? @emailmansuraiqbal

The only way to access Gameflip is by having a valid phone number. You will be able to do so when you have a new phone number (or the old one) available.

When you do, please contact us so we can help you further.