Many scammers appear here

Hello, I am a businessman selling fortite. I have been selling at gamelifp for more than 2 years, but the sales environment here is getting worse and worse. A lot of scammers, the website staff are dealing with the feedback system every day, but the effect is more The less friendly I am, the more I like the previous feedback system, we have a lot of feedback and keep our historical sales records. When buyers buy, they can clearly see our feedback. More importantly, we can see our historical sales. Recording is only very important. Why don’t you focus on anti-fraud and do feedback system every day. May I have a friendly opinion? 1: You should update the blocking or filtering system so that the seller has the right to sell it. Those friendly buyers: 2: You can get a merchant discount code system, merchants can give their old customers a lot of discounts because both parties are trusting each other, they are buying the discount code given by the merchant, I am in other places There is no problem selling more than 3000+ code. If I sell 5 pieces here, one buyer will tell me the generation. There is a problem with the code, why, is your tolerance to let them unscrupulous scams Forgive English is not my native language