Most Difficult Boss/Stage You've Ever Beaten?

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There are plenty of hard fights I can remember. On top of my head, my top three are:

3. Zeus (God of War 2). I don’t remember dying a lot from that boss, but I remember to spend a looong time fighting this guy and he’d always get his HP recovered.

2. Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Komba 9). I’d always remember his overpowered hammer, damn it!

1. Lou The Devil (Guitar Hero 3). Seriously? I don’t want comment on this one for sanity reasons and please, don’t reply this post with a link to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. I appreciate your understanding :smile:

What about yourself? Any particular boss or stage that pops up in your head when you hear the word difficult?

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1) Ursula from Kingdom Hearts (HD or otherwise)
Holy crap was this battle the worst! With her ability to shoot lasers out of the sky down at you while they follow (the first of what would later be many of this category of an attack for characters later in the game) but she also has this vacuums ability that was simply her breathing it. The only way to beat the vacuums was to swim the hell away (and pray that the lasers wouldn’t start shooting) because if you don’t she will chomp down on you and take a crap ton of your health. Add on that this is the first real boss battle that involves three health bar stacks (previously the highest being two up to this point) and you better hope you leveled up properly before starting this battle. I could also add on several other Kingdom Hearts bosses that were particularly hard to tackle, but I’ll just add one more with…

2) Chernabog While also being one of the coolest boss battles of the game, Cherabog is also very difficult. This is because you have to fly to fight him. If you weren’t so great at flying in Neverland when you fought Hook or The Phantom (and the latter boss should defiantly be considered on this list) then you are going to have issues at first getting used to flying again. Remember those lasers that shot from Ursula before? Well they are back and they come in different patterns this time around. In fact, Chernabog fights with several other types of long range attacks that are meant to keep you away from him. And they hit veeeeerrry hard. To do damage, you have to fly right up to him and crack him over the head as much as you can before he blows the mountain he’s sitting. If you get hit, your down to half your life or more. And he’s got some of the highest health in the game…all that being said, he’s sadly also the most underwhelming boss. Here we are, the second to last boss battle (which, oh by the way, this is Disney’s version of THE DEVIL) and…he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t really do much of anything other then plug up the hole you need to get to Ansem and thats it. No dead being raised like in Fantasia and no other reason for him being their then just because it would look cool in the game (and it does). So all in all, the major factor here is that he’s difficult but unnecessary. Hell, the game guide describes him as this all powerful being that lives in the darkness (possibly a heartless even) but ends up being a pushover if your are leveled right.

I’m thinking I’ll come back and add more to the list later when I can think of them also, this is a really fun idea!

1) Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

No blocking, just dodging with no room for error because he would one shot you in seconds…

Watching Mike Tyson try to beat himself was just awesome!

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Off the top of my head, hands down the hardest boss I’ve ever beaten was General Raam from the original Gears of War on insane difficulty. A dish best served cold indeed.

I also wanted to add the toughest boss I’ve NEVER beaten. The last boss, Ansem, from kingdom hearts: chain of memories. I think I might of tried over 20 times and never beat him. I had bald patches on my head for weeks.

I feel your pain :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Don’t know if this counts but The Mile High Club on veteran difficulty on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a mission/level that tested my nerves lol. I remember doing it so many times that all eventually became a blur haha Good times though.

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It may not count, but ive had that struggle too! Lol, I was such a completionist back when I got it (it was basically my first xbox game) and I always get so sad looking at it and seeing I dont have all 37 achievements.

I cant believe im saying this, but I dont actually know. To be honest when I think difficult I think of a game I played recently, but then realize the boss itself wasnt probably all too hard (It was technically aimed towards kids) I just sucked really bad. Id probably just get embarrassed saying it gave me difficulty so Im not gonna mention it :stuck_out_tongue: But beyond that I cant think of any… This troubles me :confused: