What is the One Game that defined you?

What I mean here is, what is the one game that pretty much started it all? We all have that one game that, when we played it, changed the way we thought about games and that we wanted to keep playing.

That for me was the original PS2 game, Kingdom Hearts. The artwork alone was something I had never experienced before since my parents had gotten the PS2 for the soul purpose of getting that game for my brother and I for Christmas (we still have it also!), but the story is so deep and touching in so many ways that it astounded my brother and I. It was well paced, well told story that we had never seen before because my family didn’t really understand gaming from our standpoint. Until that point, all I could have told you was that I was damn good at finding Carmon Sanediego and playing other Educational games. After that, I realized how powerful stories really can be in the right hands.

K, your turn :3

Squaresoft always was great at making an incredible storyline. I’d have to say Chrono Trigger was one of their first games outside the Final Fantasy series that showed just how good they were at making a great game around an even better story. Final Fantasy had a huge fan base but they made Chrono Trigger amazing without relying on an already established series. I must have played than game through a dozen times trying to see all the endings.

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That’s pretty awesome, @Cts_GameFlip! I have to admit that I’ve never played Chrono Trigger so I can’t much geek out with you on it, but I know about it enough to say the game is amazeballs :3

Its kinda hard to pinpoint one. I play relatively few games because, 1. Im still a teen. 2. My parents have been raising 4 kids for at least the last 8 years 3. They’re asian, which means they dont like fun :confused: 4. Gaming isnt cheap lol
HOWEVER I can say with some certainty that some of my first ever games were on my grandparents snes and that is where it started off. I remember a very fond feeling when revisting those games when I got older that compared to no other. The two I think of is Super Mario World which got me into gaming in general (so bright and attractive to a child, yet still fun as I got older) and Road Riot 4wd which got me into multiplayer (my older sis always beat me lol.) One other game i think should get a mention is minecraft, because before i became more of a hardcore gamer it was a game i had watched enough on youtube to beg my parents to buy. Nowadays I feel very childish remembering it, but my first experiences were of nonstop fun and this attitude lasted for a long time. But yes, nowadays I am very much into story based games such as rpgs and visual novels so i will hop on this bandwagon lol. Love games with a good plot, its like books on steroids.

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Super Mario 64. I was 3 years old when I first played, no joke.

That’s where it all started, and I’ve been gaming since then.

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You did pick the right game to start with. That game was awesome! Mario in 3rd person instead of a side scrolling platform game was so sweet back than!

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It’s not like I picked it. My mom just happened to have an N64 and Super Mario 64.

Guess I just got lucky :grinning:

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