My account banned. I want to solve the problem.

My account has been suspended.
Because I wrote my discord ID on gameflip.
I never did scam.
I just wrote down my decode ID to explain how to use my product easily.

But this was an act of breaking the rules of game flipping and it was my fault.
So I’m reflecting on myself.
But it was so cruel that I couldn’t use game flip again.
Is there any way to remove the suspension of my account or use the game flip again with a new account?

Please give me one chance. Please help me.

give to @DarkKnight ur profile code so he can help or


Hello @Joy,

Could you please provide me your invite code?

God Speed! :trident:

Hi, I’m new here, can someone please explain to me how do I start/open a new post? :disappointed:

Hello @Meylin_Velazquez