My account is ban because revoking Codes

Hello Dear.

My account was ban permanently. I know the reason.It is possible to appeal. I have worked with you for many years. And due to the famous Nintendo games you have blocked my account. I would like you to take into account that my work with you is strongly the purchase and not the sale, which is why I blocked my account. Make many endless purchases with you and wish you would consider this detail.

I would be very grateful to consider that with you my forte is the purchase and not the sale.

I was a victim of a scammer of nintendo games like many. I hope you consider my comment and if you can check my account that the purchase on your website is what I do mostly with you.

I have sent support tickets, but they again mention that my account is permanently suspended and I see that they do not consider the amount of purchases I have made or the money movements that I made with you.

i lose my profile code.

Please i need your help.

Thank you very much.

Juan Fco. Gonzalez

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