My account was suddenly closed

I am selling my products normally, but suddenly my account is blocked. The system prompts me that I am blocked because I am selling code outside of gameflip, but I didn’t do so. I just leave my WhatsApp. I think I can better communicate with customers and send products. I sell tens of thousands of dollars of gift cards on gameflip in a month. I am honest Seller, I got 600 + positive feedback on gameflip, my security code is w1azn1@adam_saber

cannot use any other source of communication other than gameflip to protect customers and sellers i dont work for gameflip just something i picked up on after receiving a warning myself!

I’m sorry. I don’t know the rule. Nobody told me. Can you give me a chance to correct my mistake

I’ve been selling gameflip for four months, and I’ve served a lot of customers. Positive feedback is 600 +. I really don’t know about this rule, and I haven’t received similar warnings,

Besides, I didn’t skip the game flip transaction. I just want to get in touch with customers faster. Our transactions are all conducted on the game flip

@Dark Knight

@TomI need your help

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Stop spaming forum , they are not answering everyday , wait little bit.

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My account problem has been solved at the help office. Thanks for the help of gameflip customer service staff. Thank you