my account is banned?

I don’t know what happen to my account. Recently I just cannot in to my gameflip account affiliate with my facebook. The message is “conducting sale outside of gameflip”. Because I was encountering fraud or chargeback on ebay and paypal(about $5000), which is the reason I would like to move my business here. But suddenly, I got banned from gameflip today. Would my account reopen again?

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Plus, I just renew my memebership and progressing deposit to subscribe for higher membership. m

Hi, “conducting sale outside of gameflip” usually means that you were telling gameflip members to make the deal and payment with you outside of gameflip.

client paid me and the deal took place in gameflip, i wish i could upload the conversation record here

Hello 11111!

Could you please inform your invite code so I could have a further look into your account?

God speed!

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Hi my invite code is 5S7PHL

Just checked and you were banned for conducting sales outside of Gameflip.

You requested a user’s phone number on a sale and this is forbidden.

The suspension is permanent.

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Because in Gameflip Term of Use

6. Content


As part of a transaction, you may obtain personal information, including email address and shipping information, from another Gameflip user. Without obtaining prior permission from the other user, this personal information shall only be used for that transaction or for Gameflip-related communications. Gameflip has not granted you a license to use the information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorized transactions. Without limiting the foregoing, without express consent from the user, you are not licensed to add any Gameflip user to your email or physical mail list. For more information, see Gameflip’s Privacy Policy.**

The term states that one member may obtain others personal information without others permission, and this information is solely for the transaction in gameflip-related communication. It is the reason that I request for contact to facilitate my deliver in gameflip promptly. Please investigate my case and I had put fully faith in gameflip’s antifraud and chargeback protection compare to other platform, and it gave me confident to do business here. I kindly ask for removal of my suspension


Hello 11111!

This license is focusing more on fiscal items.

Also, every chat should be on our site.

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Hello 11111,

Ok, let us analyze the whole picture here.

1 - You were listing gift cards but you were selling them as accounts, where the buyer should give you his Gmail login and password or you would send him an account containing the balance from a previously added gift card. Asking for sensitive information and selling accounts are forbidden on Gameflip and resulted in the suspension of your account.

2 - After your unsuspension, you started listing gift cards again but this time you asked for user’s Facebook and WhatsApp for “promptly delivery”. Your buyers told you they were not comfortable with this, and they even told about the Buyer’s Guarantee. As DarkKnight said, every chat should be on our platform.

The only deal that you have completed using this method, you were selling a non-gaming gift card that is not allowed by us.

For these reasons, we have decided for the suspension of your account.

Hi Oscar,

  1. The client is uncomfortable about this experience, the merchant was immediately fully refund the client. Merchant is unknownly to this rule, merchant would strictly obey this rule if he could read this rule earlier

  2. Merchant account have funds in the account for $194+76= $270 USD. $194 is the previous proceed for gaming items, $76 is the proceed for non gaming item. How would gameflip process this fund?


Your account was unsuspended for withdrawn only.

Thanks, I will withdraw and left good feedback

Thanks major Tom, all my fund is successful withdrawal, appreciate for your accommodation, it is my unknown violation cause this matter. I endorsed gameflip’s service as it provides protection against charge back and fraud, which most of the merchants suffer in today’s digital business. I will left a good feedback at BBB. You could continue to ban or close my account due to my previous misconduct.



Am I still allow to sell here?

Hello @MajorTom , i have $500 on my suspended account , please kindly unsuspend my account for withdraw . Then i will stop business . Please my invite code is : HMTHWX

i hope your funds get released :frowning: @MajorTom @DarkKnight not replying to email of gameflip is mistake but, he should get money for what he sold already without problems, As my view being a buyer , Most of the the amazon balances are revoked , because customer(Receiver avoids amazon terms for gift cards) purchasing gift cards with gift card balance…