My family pays for my gameflip wallet, but all the funds keep getting held

I love this site with a passion, everything about it is great, except for the fact that now I can’t nor can my family put in money for the things I want. I really need assistance, because my family is getting fed up with all my funds being held, and they won’t even tell me the code for the purchase transaction that is needed to release the funds. We’ve had to verify two times and this is getting really annoying… please help? XWEAAD

I have an ID, but I keep being told I shouldn’t give that out. I need a little help here. I’m kind of stuck.

Don’t try too much at the same time,try to add little bit amount first.

I just checked your account and while you are using cards that you aren’t the owner your purchases might be held.

In order to avoid that you must verify your account:

Thank you.