Buying on Gameflip

Do I need to verify my ID on Gameflip if I want to purchase something? Or is that for Gameflip sellers only?

None applies.

Only Giftcard Sellers are required to be verified before selling Giftcards. The others are up to themselves whether they want to get verified or not. Being verified has it’s own benefits as stated in the link.

Thanks for the info, I’m currently trying to make a purchase on Gameflip, and it’s asking me for the 4 character verification code that appeared on my bank statement, however my bank statement only shows 2 characters and not 4 characters

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From what I see from your topics, you have been on Gameflip for quite long.

Is it the first time happening?

If it is the first time happening and shows only 2, you could contact Support and DM MajorTom or DarkKnight directly on forums to ask about it and why it happened.

Thanks, I’ve submitted a ticket in regards to this issue

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I’m a new user but have made a few purchases. I purchased some GC from @Gamestore but my CC blocked the transactions until I told them it was me. @gamestore blocked me because of this so I am unable to buy from them. Does anyone know how I can contact @gamestore to get unblocked so I can purchase GC from them? So I can explain it was my CC company but I have it fixed.

Hello @Scubapelli,

GC and CC, I imagine you mean gift cards? Not sure what CC is.

If the seller Gamestore has blocked you, a moderator may be able to help you.

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CC probably is credit card.

Hello @Scubapelli,

Thanks for letting me know, @Pawel_Chojecki,

After seeing what can be done, Gameflip cannot help you in that aspect. The seller can choose to block you and keep you blocked.

If it was accidental, another person on Gameflip can ask to unblock you, but if the seller wants to keep you blocked, there is nothing you can do.

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Question what do the key icons mean, one has lightning and one doesn’t what does that mean? Btw I dont know how to create a new Forum discussion this was the only way I know how to ask my question

The one with lightning means Automatic Delivery, which means you’d get the code automatically as it is already saved with the listing and the one without means Manual Delivery, the seller will send it to you within the time frame shown on the listed item after you purchase the item.

Ohhh okay, good to know!

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I got some Australian Steam in my store with good discounts, will add more later, it can be used anywhere if you know how to go about it, check videos online to see how to change region and load card or create new region matching available Steam card.