Payment Verification Problem Part 2

Im having trouble verifying my payment AGAIN this time for a gift card. My credit card statement only says the words “Gameflp” with no code so I can’t verify the purchase. My Acc code is 6NKNC8. Is there a way to manually verify this purchase? I made a another corresponding ticket about this as well (#459780). Thank you!

I’ve had to repurchase the item twice now. And I still cannot see the verification code on my credit statement.

@DunnBiscuit @MajorTom Please help!


Apparently showing the purchase statement wasn’t enough proof for support so I lost the purchase…

Hello Boksunni!

We are sorry to hear about this.

The reason why we go through these verification processes is to protect our buyers and sellers from fraud.

If you have any doubts regarding the verification and would like to apply, please check the following link:

The more you verify, the less chance you will have of ending up in review.

God speed!

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