Payment Verification Fail

Hello, i recently make a bough on the page and after make the payment i see a notification like this " payment Verification is requered" i go to my bank status and doesnt appear anything onlly the ammount discounted, i call to the company and say he cant see any code. I try to contact to support and direct support and nothing plz help, its my first bough here i dont want take a bad first impression of this page. Thank you for your time.

Hello @j0dy. Let me try to help you with this.

Were you requested to provide a code from your card statement or verify your identity?

If you need to provide Gameflip a verification code, please refer to this article:

If you need to verify your identity (or phone and payment method), please refer to this article:

Also, your card was not “charged” yet. The Gameflip charges stay in a “pending” state until the purchase is complete, which means after you receive the item and rate the seller.

Hi @op_JOkEr thank you for your time, I was asked for a verification code for the payment and i read the article but that doesnt help me, in my bank statement doest appears a charge with that code (GAMEFLP34-XXXX) i onlly can see the ammount in pending pay process and nothing more, and when I call the bank they tell me that they can only view two digits after the " 34-" and that I get in touch with the company where I made my purchase because they do not have other information. What can i do, because i dont wanna lose my purchase plz help :frowning:

I suggest taking a sreenshot of what you see from your bank (cover sensitive info like account number) and send it in with your ticket (not this forum). The support needs to see that you can confirm the payment ownership.

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Thank you for your time, i lose my purchase anyway the seller cancel my order, thank you gameflip.

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You can get your payment pre-verified under Wallet > Verify. Use Add Funds to have funds readily available so you won’t miss out the next deal.

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