My id has been confirmed yet my wallet balance has been pending for over 4hrs.

Hey there,

I’ve had my account for a few months but just tried buying for the first time last night. Everything worked minus not being allowed to use my CC for some reason (the screen turned grey so I just used my Paypal instead). Anyways I’ve now purchased my two 100$ top offs (my ID wasn’t identified yet at the time, it is now, however) no problem. I then went to buy another but it just got stuck in pending. I thought this was some glitch like the CC issue but the second one also is now stuck in pending so now I have two 100$ pending charges on my account. I’m kinda wondering how long this takes to rectify as I’d like to buy some keys before going to bed and now I also have 200 USD pending in purchases I can’t use.

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Please post your invite code.
One of the mods should be able to help you.

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This is not a glitch, its a review system for fraud prevention.
It can take 24 hours, since is done manually.
You can read more about it here