My ID veritification

I send my ID photos 5 days ago but anyone not verify me .What should i do ?

Does your email inboxes have an email from Gameflip asking you about the verification ID, such as the photos were too blurry and were rejected? If not then the review is just taking longer than usual (2 business days). Post your profile code in case a forum moderator can help.

I’m having the same exact issue where would my profile code be located ?? Nvm I found it My profile code is : NRFCVG

WQSXRF Its my profile code

Hello I’ve re submitted my information my profile code is : NRFCVG

Hello there,

Gameflip got a mass of tickets recently, because now verification is thing you MUST have to do in order to sell. So the range for reviewing you information by support is 15-30 Days. Be Patient. Check the email everyday and stay calm

Hello guys, as I checked your IDs and other information were checked already.

This process usually takes up to 2 business days.

Thank you.