Purchase under review and payment verification pending

Hi, I uploaded the required documents a couple of days ago and the status is still pending.
I also made a purchase recently which is also under review.
Can anyone please help me get these through ? It is taking awfully long to make a simple purchase on here.

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Hi, best to contact Gameflip Support below. We normal buyers/sellers will not know the exact reason nor can we help. Only the Mods/Staff/Support can help you with that.

You can also tag a Mod here and put your Invite code below.
Link is where to find your invite code incase you don’t know.

Mods will still need your invite code to check for you so if you put it before they reply (if they do), then you wouldn’t need to wait for additional few hours/days.

I would advise you to verify your ID to lessen the time payment review in future.

As for your payment verification, I’m not sure about that but it does take quite a while depending on whether they are busy or not. Still can make a request to support to ask them.


Thank you for your response. I have another issue my verification was done 2 years ago and I was able to list without problem, not i can’t list anymore because it says I have to be verified. Can you please help me?

Ticket 564082
Invite code NVNFQY

Thank you

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Hello, do note that such problems normal buyers/sellers like me cannot help you with it. I can only advise what you can do. We do not know the real reason because since you already verified 2 years ago, there must be a problem/something happened for you to not be able to anymore.

Only Support can help with such issues. Because they can probably look it up for you to see what is wrong. I saw u have another post, or you could wait for a Mod to come on to investigate it for you.

All the Best.


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