My Money is Gone and my AWP cannot be Retrieved

I sold an Endo on Rocket League, XBOX One. I got $1.37 from it if I remember, and today, the money has disappeared! My AWP from CSGO was for sale, but today it was moved to a draft and I am unable to retrieve it. I am EXTREMELY unhappy because I lost about 50 bucks worth of goods. I need help with this ASAP.

I have the same problem i sold my TW Standard on Rocket League for Xbox One and everything was fine until i wanted to send it to my paypal it said it was sent but now i’ve been waiting over 4 hours still no money

Hey PayPal payouts usually takes up to 7 business days to complete if it is the first time you are requesting a payout.

If not, it usually takes up to 2 business days.