My verification was rejected for low resolution even though all the text is 100% legible.


I can read every letter on the photo… I can’t make it more clear with a phone pic.
Can someone please manually verify me? Thank you

Hello, can you please send the information again and then contact me? I can manually check this for you.


I’ve resubmitted it. Thank you very much! :smile: :heart:

It automatically rejected me again @DunnBiscuit :frowning:

Send again and PM Dunn with your Invite Code.

I’m not seeing a way to PM him. :frowning: I even googled it and found instructions elsewhere on how to send a PM but the orange “Message” button isn’t showing up.

Thanks for the response!

You need to browse the forums for a few more minutes until you get the “Basic User” badge. Then you’ll see the Message button on people’s profile/avatar.

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