Need help changing default picture and title for RL ads

Hi all,

I just started and have a handful of ads up, but I see many people who have custom default pictures and titles, but I can’t figure out how to do this myself.

I have uploaded custom pictures and edited the description and certification option, but it still only shows the stock picture and title in search results.

I see some people have a title that lists both the cert. and the color with a pipe symbol in between, but I don’t see any way to change this.

Perhaps I’m just missing the obvious. Any help is appreciated.

Are you using the iOS app, Android app, or website? On the website, you can click on Sell > In-Game Items > Rocket League. From the items gallery, click on “Bundle” then on the right you’ll see a big image that says “Want your own image?..” Click that and choose an image on your computer. Also below that is a text box to put your own title for the item.

Only some Rocket League items have colors, so if you choose an item that does, it will show another gallery to pick the item’s color. You may change the certification on the following Listing Details page under Details > Certification Tag…

Thanks for the help. I noticed earlier that some were using bundles, but I didn’t know if that was ok to use if you’re not actually selling a bundle of items.

Now that I know it’s ok, I’ll start using that. Thanks again!