[SOLVED] How do I change the title of my Listing?

Ok so when I list an item for example in “Rocket League Steam” I cannot change the title of the listing to match my item. For instance when selling a painted decal, it only says the decal name in title as I dont have the option to choose a color for the decal. Or I wanted to do a “bundle” listing but I cannot put “bundle” into the title. Last example is selling a wheel with a certification on it, but doesnt say it in title because we cant choose a certification before the “details” page. I see many people have custom titles so why cant I? What do I got to do, or what do they do to change it? If we cant change titles, why cant we? As long as it fits the item, there should be no issues. If there is a way let me know. Thanks.

If you use the website (not mobile client), you have more options to edit listing title.

I use the Desktop website. It gives me no title options. I click sell, choose rocket leage steam, search the item, click it. Cant edit title and IF its a painted decal, cant choose which color paint and cant edit title to include the color. So I hit next to the “details” page. Try to edit the title. Its greyd out and when I hover over it, it has a red circle. Unless I click sell/other item, I cannot edit a title. And when I try to sell under the category “other”, I cannot choose for which game and platform so the post goes into the proper category.

Oh yeah, you’re right. They’re missing the painted decal option. Should get their attention to add it in.

Yea but I need to know how to edit the title. I see others doing it and I cant.

I found the answer. Gotta use chrome inspect element to take off the title change barrier. Right click and Inspect the title bar that is uneditable. Right click the highlighted code, hit edit as html. Remove “disabled” from the code. Click back on the listing page and you can edit the title. Hope this helps.

P.s. - the > at the end of the code must remain so dont delete it. But should be no space between the last symbol and the >. For example it should look similar to “bundle”> at the end of the code. And You do not edit the title in the code. Once you remove the disable part just go back to the listing page title bar.

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You can do that, though it may make your item harder to show up in search. Best to ask / request the feature to be added.