How can i Change title of digital item what am i selling?

Please help.

As you can see i cant reach it. I tried change it it doesnt work…

I was wondering the same, listing title is greyed to me which means i can’t edit it. And i saw many other sellers with custom titles either new or old members.
Also i was wondering the same for the shown custom picture.

I too have been having the same problems. I sent a support ticket but getting no answer.

You can’t! I think it’s mainly to allow quick search (the magnifying glass) or to disallow potential misleading listings (e.g. list one thing but actually another).

But then my question is why do other members have their title on their listing changed for example instead of Key they have X5 Keys. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s also been 2 days on my support ticket that I’ve gotten no help what-soever