Neutral rating for a successful transaction

My invite code is Z8D3X7

I just wanted to ask if it’s possible to remove a neutral rating?I just got one recently.I don’t know if the buyer just click the wrong emoji for feedback because in his feedback he said it’s alright,and the transaction was successful .

Yeah It’s possible, an online moderator will remove it for you.


Thanks @Wayz_Shop.

Can i request for removal of a neutral feedback sir @DunnBiscuit above was the screenshot of the transaction and it was smooth and successful one. here is the order number of the transaction d29af9a9-22f7-4ab0-b4a0-c60061578af5
Thank you.

Just did, thanks man!

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Thank you !

Another request for removal of sad emoji sir @DunnBiscuit the transaction is perfect but he rate it bad maybe by mistakes :slight_smile: can you please remove it my score is soon to be 1k and I’m keeping my perfect score to gain more trust from my buyers :smile:

My invite code is Z8D3X7
Thank you in advance.