New obvious scammer

The scammer is using a Game Flip logo picture and his/her name is “sell confirmation”.

Look at a message he sent to the user Dana Brooks:
" Sell Confirmation
Your code has been purchased! We are having problems with the automatic delivery, please give the code to the email that your buyer gave us [] once you deliver the code the buyer will confirm the purchase and your money will be credited in the wallet. Order- #CT10ES2233".
(This was said here =>

Fortunately Dana did not fell for it.

Here is the link to the scammer’s page:

On a side note ,see who he has given +rep and who has received +rep , then you’ll get to know the user’s real name.

Hi I literally just saw that Gamelfip account! He’s commenting on listing asking to send codes to this email

Thanks for reporting guys!

I suspended the account already.

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He’s back. I fell for it on my first listing on gameflip and gave him a $100 itunes gift card.

Do you have his profile link so I can check?

That’s classic way to scam, guess gameflip should disable this name.

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