Not credited for "Get a free GIG" promo

I have bought GIG, get it, confirmed completion, get notification what i got credits by promo, but don`t see it in wallet =(

Any support here? Please…


Please contact our support team here

And tell there more about this issue and the transaction you purchased that should be counted towards the promotion.


Hello, DunnBiscuit!

Already done (before forum topic), but still don’t get answer =( Ticket ID is #386443.

You probably have to redeem the credits from an email.

So… I think this is my bad. I have the habbit to cleanup notifications and espetialy emails becouse there are too many of them, and may not read that notification carefully before delete. Bad news to me =(

Is there a way to restore or resend deleted notification?

Unless you manually clear your email’s trash folder, it should temporarily still be there.

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