I didn't get the promotion


Hi,I’ve bought an item from a gig which costs 5$ but I didn’t get the 5$ credits
Order id was : f0cddd39-d80d-4f1f-a101-4878503fc3b0


Submit a ticket to support here

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I sent it in 7/3/2019 but they didn’t answer me yet


As I checked, your purchase wasn’t qualified to the promo either because the credit amount was depleted or it was purchsed after the promo ended.

Thank you.


I bought that gig on 7/3/2019 it was the 1st day of the event and that day i checked the credits and it was more than 200


Also i know some friends who bought after me and they got the credits


You would of got a email saying you got the credit, you would have to click your notifications bar and click the credit after buying a $5 GIG item to get the credit.

This is not a Gig item but it was other credit offer that if you spend over blank number you would get $2 credit.

Lucy :heart:


i didn’t get emails like that


Ok unfortunate


I sent support ticket from 7 days but i didnt get any answer yet.


Can you send me your ticket number so I can look into this further?

Please PM me with that information, thanks!


412370 that’s it

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