Not receiving notifications

I am not receiving notifications when a user lists(users which i followed and i want to be notified when they list)

I only receive notifications about my transactions and promotions.

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I have checked your account and is set to receive notifications of users you’re following.
When did you get the last notification? Cause I’ve seen steam pumpkin only posted a listing 21 hours ago

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I just followed steam pumpkin to upload this picture only.
I didnt mean steam pumpkin but other users. Lets see if it works when any of the followed users lists.
If not I’ll contact you back or create a ticket

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I havent received any notifications from the users i followed which listed recently. :frowning:


Please, deactivate your notifications and try activating it again.

Also, try to uninstal and reinstall your app and check within a web browser (in a computer) this keeps happening.

Let me know evey outcome so I can try to help you further.

Thank you.

The problem is that i recieve notifications for transactions and promotions but why not new listings for users i followed.
I’ll do as you said. And if happened I’ll contact you

Thanks :slight_smile:

Tried every step you said. I still cant recieve notifications on new listings for users i followed.

But i can only receive notifications on my transactions and promotions and comments on my listings. Sometimes i recieve empty notifications

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