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Hello, I’m not sure if this problem is new or not, but I just noticed it. I follow (setup the search and check ‘notify’) bunch of games all the time. Every month I delete my old searches and make new ones. My recent search setup always include ‘auto delivery’ option and I just discovered that I don’t receive notifications for those searches. At the moment I follow five different games, but I receive info only for one of them. Bingo! For that one i forgot to setup delivery method option.

This is setup I receive notifications for:

This is setup I DO NOT receive notifications for:

This made me miss some good deals…

Hope you’ll fix that!



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Any news? It would be useful to have functioning search.

Im not sure about that, but I hope they fix it.

What upsets me the most is the broken notification system for profiles that you’re following. It’s so inaccurate.

The notification should only appear if the seller adds new listings or edits anything in his current listings, but what is happening now is that if someone buys something from that seller than you’ll get a notification saying there is a new search result when in fact nothing new was added or edited! it got triggered because the number of listings has decreased or something of that sort.

Also the notifications for following profiles are not instant. They seem to only trigger once in a set period of time (an interval of X minutes that will notify you for all the profiles that you follow if something has changed).

I follow a couple of profiles and it’s a nightmare with those notifications. Sometimes I get 20-50 notifications a day because it’s not working as it should.

It has always been like this since I registered in 2018 but I never had the time to complain until now.

The interface of Gameflip is really bad and contains many errors. It really needs an adjust.

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